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3”by4” engraved copper, 2014. Well, there’s something ‘unfamiliar’ about the line the engraver produces, but not an entirely dissatisfactory first attempt. For now I’m going to see how using a filed nailpunch will stand up against the auto-engraver, and try to figure out how to photograph very shiny metals…

To produce some metalwork for the peony study project, I recently obtained an inexpensive auto-engraving tool. This is a test-piece I’ve been doing just now to try and get a feel for using a motorized stylus.

'peony study 4'

Acrylic, ink + graphite on 20.125”by26.125” MDF (25.625”by31.625” framed).


A rare work-in-progress panel from several years ago which has escaped my habit of razoring pieces which take any more time than is immediately necessary to complete. Going to finish this up at some point, though.


#artfeaturefridays at

In order of appearance:

12. Francisco Uzabeaga. Chilean-based painter, largely making work based on film stills. Not ordinarily something I might be after as far as subject matter, but there’s real meat in the details: technique is really well balanced and even, but his grid system of reproduction leaves traces of that grid in the final product which adds another dimension on already great work. Website looks to be down, but for lots more and recent updates.

13. Nilson Sato. Beautifully rendered yet intimately small canvases by Nilson Sato (Sao Paulo, Brasil) at /

14. Kotori Mamata. Japanese illustrator working with pencil crayon technique. Follow for more. 

15. Amélie Jérôme. Toronto-based mixed media panels. for works dating 2010-14. Found via

16. Scott Waters. Toronto-based war painter. for catalogue and for a solid on-going series of ink drawings.

17. Troy Lovegates AKA OTHER. Working a job at a bookstore around the time I’d bailed from university a decade ago, which involved being in a basement with art books and drawing materials means my employer didn’t get their money’s worth. I’d come across the work of OTHER around that time, and seeing him then come up in the pages of a graffiti book down in the stacks there got me thinking art could be a lot more fun than reading through dry, outdated academic texts and helped me put it together that I should be painting instead of anything else—thanks for that encouragement, brother! See and for paintings, drawing, sculpture and some great linocuts. Also, he’s got a show up at right now that’ll run to 6AUG, and is a recently-featured artist at, an art-through-the-post outfit put together by

18. Alex Bierk. Talking last night with a friend, about the total failure of so much art concerned with academic and pop culture boredoms, celebrity status, and ubiquitous renderings of the eye as the, ‘window to the soul,’ we can all appreciate work that is straight ahead—that doesn’t distract with anything that doesn’t need to be there. Have a look at for an idea—paintings centring around human experience rather than as calculations at popular frivolity. ‘After,’ an exhibition with the family Bierk, opens tomorrow at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, and runs till 31AUG. 

19. Jerome Witkin. Been increasingly curious about the work of this figurative/portrait painter lately. Anybody know if the book by Sherry Chavat is half-decent? for several dozen more images. 

20. El Grio. Super flat, stripped-down paintings of everyday objects, and some more illustrative work over at

Despite minecraft*-players making use of #artfeaturefridays, this series is going to continue on. Updates every Friday at 7.30AM EST.

*fuck the culture of distraction/build actual culture 

'for ema' and 'free ride' zines from in the post today—thanks, maria, they are great!

The ‘white knuckle excitement’ of inking. This video—if you were to watch it approximately 21,000 times over the span of 2 weeks—would give you a pretty accurate timeframe for how long it takes to shade a painting (this excludes the hours spent producing the colour framework underneath). Art: it might be for you if you enjoy time spent in your own company.

peony study 4 WIP inking. A lot of the solid blacks on their way…