Install Theme

Working out proportions for a 2015 portrait on 26.25”by38.25” MDF.

1. School assignment no. 4. Mylar layer—ink+acrylic on 14.75”by13.5” Mylar (WIP).

2. School assignment no. 4. Acetate layer—ink+acrylic on 14.75”by13.5” acetate.

3. School assignment no. 4. Photo layer—digital drawing printed on 16”by13.5” paper. It’s a little curled for now.

Based on a community garden organized and maintained down the street from my apartment.

Conté on 19”by25” paper. More work from the experimental drawing course I’m enrolled in. This was put down while circumambulating a standing model holding his arms outstretched. Wanted to get a real pace going and see if I could get something like Bertelli’s sculpture of Mussolini, but there’s only so much you can do before everyone is trampling each other.

Still working on this. Getting much closer but definitely had forgotten the difficulties involved with making wallpaper by hand and eye… Ink on 19.125”by21.875” paper.

Autumn reading. A massive Balthus biography by Nicholas Fox Weber, and Ted Hughes’ ‘Birthday Letters.’ #balthus #tedhughes

Graduating high school yearbook 2002-3, voted ‘best artist’ haha. Opposite (not pictured): also voted ‘worst hair.’


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In order of appearance:

21. Lucian Freud. Specifically, those works of the mid-to-late 1950s; before the hogs hair brushes, the cremnitz white, the larger and looser canvases.

22. Olya Leontieva. An interesting piece from this Moscow-based painter and illustrator. and for more.

23. Thomas Bates. Clean lines, black-heavy. Tattoos out of the UK. and

24. Yiran Liu. Lots going on here with this artist. for more paintings and also very good drawings.

25. Linsey Levendall. Supreme work ethic and able to jump style-to-style creating work which is at once both baroque and essential. for daily updates of sketches, paintings and illustration.

26. Jordan Danchilla. A portrait by this artist working from Saskatoon. Paintings and etchings available inexpensively through

27. Tugboat Printshop. Collaborative printshop of Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth. Really excellent work here—I’ve ordered prints from them before and can’t recommend the quality enough. Website is, with catalogue, store, and a breakdown of their process. If you’re at all interested in contemporary block-printing, don’t pass checking this pair out.

28. Nicholas Di Genova. 8 years ago, dropped me a copy of the April06 edition of with a bookmark stuck in halfway and said, ‘check this guy out, you both do the characters with a lot of detail.’ Pages 20/21 were a short article by Jen Selk with Nicholas Di Genova, and Alex was right—lots of detail, and the works at that time of ink and paint on animation cel was a technical approach I’d been looking for, and hadn’t been seeing anywhere else. Thanks for the early inspiration

29. HJ Jackson. 60+ years of linocuts printed with a tobacco tin. Http:// for more.

30. Jan Dingle. Another printmaker from the Bircham Gallery stable. Many works available for £40. Http://

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[Notation in the future will be adjusted to reflect the error of Freud and Leontieva being double-listed as No. 21 on instagram.]