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DIY photo reference for, ‘peony study 10.’

1. a painting of my baby bro; acrylic, ink + graphite on 18”by24” panel. 2008-9.

2. detail of no.1.

3. 'self-portrait in artist's studio.' Acrylic, ink + graphite on 12”by16” panel. 2008-9. Build panels out of found garbage; still trying to figure out painting; bubblegum pink workspace; working till 5am; nightspace break and enter: trying to keep track of which things are which things.

4. Nearly done the underpainting for, ‘peony study 11.’ Pencil-engraved work surface and pale pale skin for the guys to ink.

5. A failed linoprint from 2012-13 series, Internet People. Being carved into an altogether unsuitable ground, the block broke down too far too quickly to have done a good run of this work.

6. Lino block made from a very old and decaying linoleum tile. Sometimes you have to use whatever you have at hand to get the job done. 

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Underpaintings under paintings. Still working…

Anonymous asked: Oh no. I hope it's not, it is a beautiful piece of art. What a lovely birthday gift. She sounds a bit shallow. I love your work.

Who knows. More often than not, people everywhere find themselves in situations with results they’d never wanted. Thanks for you kind words about my work, though. Hope you’re keeping well.

Anonymous asked: Is the "girl in sill dress" for sale? I her a real person? I feel like I've seen her before. Thanks.

Hi! No sorry, it’s not for sale. She is a real person. It’s a portrait of a girl I’d dated for a year or two. I gave it to her for her birthday and she ended up really not much caring for it. We broke up within a few weeks of my giving it to her; it’s probably in a landfill somewhere. Thanks for asking!

New letterpressed cards soon. Kind thanks to Tanya Roberts at!! Support small business always!

Rough 4”by5.5” pencil study of Jack Humphrey’s 1931, ‘draped head,’ on display at as part of the Hart House Art Collection show up now.


1. 'peony study 6' (WIP). Mixed media on 17.5”by23.5” MDF. 2013-. Readied for collaboration with

2. 'peony study 6' (WIP detail). Mixed media on 17.5”by23.5” MDF. 2013-

3. 'peony study 8' (WIP). Mixed media on 12.625”by15.5” MDF. 2013-. Rough under-painting on the go for collaboration with

4. Frame for, ‘peony study 10,’ a collaboration with Process: 1. Salvage a derelict painting from an old corner. 2. Walk it home in the winter cold, stopping to answer numerous questions of, ‘IS THAT AN ELK OR A CARIBOU??’ while mostly just thinking of what happened to the person who’d painted it, wondering if they are alive somewhere, never knowing their work was discarded. 3. Dispose of original painting, cut a board to fit, start painting.

So, I guess it’s ‘out of fashion’ to still use flickr, but I’ve always found it a good source to find the work of young artists doing interesting things outside of any existing establishment. It’s a window through which I’ve been first introduced to some of my favourite artists and has even led to some solid friendships. Additionally, it’s been crucial especially for seeing the drawings and paintings being produced by numerous South American artists, who for whatever reason I’ll rarely see posted elsewhere. For 1100+ images I’ve been feeling from years past, please see: